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Life After Death
created by

Diesel Tyme


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KALACA! Life After Death is about a Mexican wrestler seeking a return to glory after an ugly betrayal from his former Lucha Librepromotion, Capital City Federation. His personal quest will put him in the cross hairs in a war between the vicious drug cartel, El Cinturon, and a team of anti-narco, vigilante women, Las Venganzas. Caught in the middle, KALACA! must find find a way to survive if he is to ever step in the ring again. Issue #1 introduces readers to all of the main characters and lays the ground work for KALACA!'s dilemma.  

In 2012, I spent 6 months in Mexico City, writing and illustrating my very first graphic novel, KALACA! en la lucha por Mexico. I printed 100 copies after finishing in 2015 as a practice run, but never intended the first print to be an introduction to the mainstream. It was a chance for me to learn and collect feedback. Now I am ready to introduce the world to KALACA! and have decided to adapt the original graphic novel into an issue by issue comic series, using the novel ar a rough template for the the first four issues. In addition, there are storyboards, treatments, penciled and inked pages for issues going up to #15 where I intend to wrap up KALACA!'s story. 

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KALACA! is a flawed character and not the most obvious hero, but that is what makes him relatable and inspirational to everyday people like you and me. KALACA! serves as an example of how to stay the course when you have no idea what you're doing, even when you are in way over your head. Readers will not only be inspired by KALACA!'s heroism, but are going to have a great time hanging out in the back seat of his adventures, meeting all his new partners along the way.

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